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Example GUI Project 3

To review the topic of “Getting Started On Graphical User Interface GUI”, please refer this website https://test.ulement.com/tutorial/2011/08/18/graphical-user-interface-gui/

PR29 Fingerprint Reader GUI

Fingerprint Reader GUI use to read and show the data attendance of human.   

Installation Software:

1. Download Fingerprint Reader GUI Visual Basic file, please link to:


2. Double click on “Fingerprint Reader GUI. exe” to run the Fingerprint Reader GUI. After Run is click, a window shown below will pop out as:

Hardware setup:

1. Connection of PCB- Fingerprint Reader to UC00A:

2. Illustration of the connection:

After hardware installation, choose the COM Ports. Select the default baud rate which is 19200 and click on “Open” button. Now, Fingerprint Reader GUI is connected to COM port and users are required to choose the target device. To export the attendance from the system, choose “Interface with PR29”.

Process step:

  1. Switch ON the system and enter Admin mode.

  2. SELECT and CONFIRM on Mode 8: Export.

  3. Select on “Export” to GUI” by pressing on SW1.

  4. Once LCD show “Uploading Done”. Proceed to STEP 8 on Fingerprint Reader GUI.

     Click on “Get Attendance” button and the attendance will be shown on Attendance Viewer as figure shown below:

If you still interest with GUI, you might go to visit below link:  

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