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Example GUI Project 2

To review the topic of “Getting Started On Graphical User Interface GUI”, please refer this website https://test.ulement.com/tutorial/2011/08/18/graphical-user-interface-gui/ ‎

SC08A Servo GUI Control Panel

SC08A Servo GUI Control Panel able to use for control independent 8-16 servo motor via SC08A Servo Motor Controller and UC00A USB to UART converter. This GUI Control panel can activate or deactivate servo motor, adjust the speed, position, and initial position of individual servo motors.

Installation Software:

1. Download the SC08A Servo Control Panel setup and project application file. 

Link to download

the SC08A Servo Control Panel setup :

Double click setup and waiting the SC08A Servo Control Panel will pop out as following figure:

2nd page of the SC08A Servo Control Panel:

Hardware Setup:

1. 5 VDC Power Supply

Connect 5Vdc voltage supply on SC08A, the orange LED on indicate as power supplying is successful.



2. Connect 8 Servo Motor to SC08A Servo Controller:

3. UC00A USB to UART converter connect to computer:

Demo Video:


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Comments (3)

can i use only 3 servo motor

can u give the source code for the SC08A?

Hi megat,

Yes, you can use any number of servo you want but for this SC08A, it’s limited to 8 servo max. If you need to control more servo, you can link two SC08A together to control up to 16 servo. Another option is to get SC16A which support up to 16 servo by default and is extendable to 32 channels.

This product is not under the open source & open hardware category, so we can’t release SC08A source code. If you are referring to the example code to control SC08A, it is obtainable at SC08A’s product page here: http://goo.gl/HIaYt

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